10 sure fire ways to trigger a flare with chronic illness

Do you fancy triggering a flare with your chronic illness? Need a reason to miss seeing the mother-in-law? Then take a look at my list of options! Sarcasm alert!

10 ways to trigger a fibro flare

1. Not getting enough or quality sleep.

Hen weekends? When did that become a thing? It was always a Hen NIGHT when I did it! Get those zzzzz people!

2. Pushing through the pain and fatigue.

Listen to your body! No one will die if you don’t mop the floor today. You should probably feed the kids though unless they are old enough to do it themselves. Independence is a good thing you know! Ever heard the phrase “charactor building”?

3. Kids birthday parties.

Oh goodness, I hate them! All that noise and screaming, flashing lights and standing about because the parents never have enough seats for them. I’m the one sitting on the floor in the corner counting down the minutes. Hubby does them now thankfully. Gotta love him for that!

4. Shopping.

Do I need to explain this one? I hate shopping, unless it’s online. The crowds, the bags to carry, that woman who bathed in her perfume this morning and has just caused my throat to swell with it! Maybe that should be another point.

5. Strong odours.

Like the woman’s perfume in number 4!
Strong smells, unless they are natural nearly always trigger me. I would prefer to smell cow dung than your perfume any day!

6. Bright and flashing lights.

My disco days are over! Bright and flashing lights are agony. Especially fluorescent tubing in shops and offices. Good thing I work from home! I’m extremely photosensitive and get awful migraines from bright lights. Do you know what I mean when I say, “The sun is too loud!” ?

7. Air travel.

Being stuck in one uncomfortable position for x number of hours with little chance to walk around as the hostess trolleys are always in the way!
I despise air travel. The airports and the rush, rush of everyone around me send me into a flare before I even get on the plane. Then I need to play statues and not move for hours before doing the whole airport thing again. Aghh! I’m not looking forward to it this summer. If only I had wings, but I’d probably have arthritis and fibro in them anyway!

8. Driving long distance.

I wonder how many of us are considered under the influence of prescription drugs?
Being the driver is really hard work. You are stuck in one position for a long time and you have to concentrate on the road intently, unless of you have a death wish! It’s even worse if you don’t know where you are. The focus required then is so much more and is exhausting. By the time you get to your destination you will likely need a nap.

9. Other people’s kids.

This is a really hard one.
We don’t want to stop our kids from having friends over but at the same time I wish that all kids were as knowledgable as my daughter in what I can and can’t do, and put up with. By the time they go home I’m on my knees and falling into bed praying that I haven’t just written off the next day.

10. Trampolining.

Especially if you’ve had kids and now have continence issues.
Not good, I tried it once. Not only did I have bladder issues, my legs turned to jelly very quickly and I ended up just lying there because I couldn’t get off the darn thing. It really did look fun before I tried it!!

And there you have it, 10 sure fire ways to trigger a flare. Some are worse than others for me and I threw the trampoline in there because it was funny, even though it was true. I’m now of the Tena generation and I need to remember that gravity isn’t my friend anymore, in several ways!

So next time you fancy having a flare and need a trigger, take a look at my list and see what takes your fancy. *Tongue in cheek*


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  1. Jen Farrant says:

    Ha! I won’t go to children’s parties as they just do my head in, in no uncertain terms!

    There is someone at my swimming pool who I swear swims in her cheap perfume before going swimming, it totally messes up my swim.

    driving is awful too – I think its being stuck, like you said. I make sure I take lots of breaks and walk around as much as possible, even though this is the absolutely last thing I want to do!

    • Cathy says:

      I think most parents feel the same about parties but why do we do it to each other! Missy has had one big party and even she had trouble with it so we do something fun with her close friends now. Or should I say hubby does!

      As for perfumes, I totally agree. I will crash immediately if I’m lucky, if not my throat will swell. I had to run out of the supermarket once because of a lady’s perfume as I’d left my anti-histamines in the car and I was having increasing trouble breathing. It makes public places really hard work.

  2. Lisa Ehrman says:

    “Good” list….and don’t we all hate flares. I’m in one now that started with cooking all day. Ugh! It’s nice to find your blog through the Chronic Illness Bloggers group.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Lisa and thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry to hear that you are in a flare. I do hope that it passes soon. Rest up and pamper yourself. Love and spoons, Cath xx

  3. Trac says:

    Adult-sized Bouncy castles – yes I got on one about 2 years ago but once I was on there I couldn’t get off until I slid on my front down off it. Winter triggers me, that, painkillers and anti-inflammatories so I am tablet-free because they make me really ill.

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