Hobbies for the disabled, Colouring, Writing & Calligraphy

Are you often fed up and bored because of your limitations due to disability? Yeah, me too. It sucks. It can be a major source of depression if we don’t find anything to fill the void but that still fits within our limitations. So I’m putting together some ideas for hobbies for the disabled or chronically ill. Maybe there’s something that you fancy trying. I hope so. Even if our bodies are slow often our brains still need stimulating so pop on your thinking cap, wear your best smile (it releases endorphins you know) and we’ll see what we can brain storm up! 😀

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Hobbies for the disabled, colouring, writing & calligraphy. Hobbies that can be enjoyed by all and from the comfort of your own home.


Hobbies for the Disabled

Adult Colouring

Adult colouring books are sweeping the nation at the moment and there are some gorgeous ones out there. I tend to favour the natural world ones and I even do them with my daughter to calm her down if she’s having a bad day. There is definitely something therapeutic about it.

Enchanted Forest adult colouring book. I love this one.


This is my favourite book out of the many that we have. The Enchanted Forest. I’ve noticed that it is now half the price that I paid for it when it first came out as well so that’s a real bargain. This series of books is great for pencils or colouring pens but when I tried water based paints it didn’t work as the paper is slightly waxed. It does however have really thick pages so that inks don’t bleed through to the other side. That’s a nice touch.



My daughter (age 9) loves this book best, Animal Kingdom. It’s not as intricate Animal Kingdom colouring book, adult colouring bookas my book and a bit easier for her. It would be more suitable for someone who has limited dexterity due to this. In this book the pages are not as thick so really you are best using pencils with it. I haven’t tried paint with it as I’m not allowed to use Missy’s books! If you try it let me know how it works out. I prefer a paintbrush as it’s more forgiving of my shaky hands. 🙂 Again, this book is a lot cheaper now than when I bought it.

Swear word colouring book Adult colouring bookIf you are having a really bad day and your flaring like mad you can also take your frustrations out on Sweary Colouring Books! I think this is a great idea but I know that it’s not for everyone. It does however show that there are colouring books out there for everyone! I don’t own this one, sadly. 🙂

There are books on all sorts of themes, such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, there’s even one for dog lovers. I’ve found Alice in Wonderland and Shakespeare! Oh, where have I put my crayons? If anyone wants to know I’d really love the Game of Thrones one. 😉 You can find me in my den colouring in! 😀


Writing is becoming a lost art in many ways. When was the last time we wrote a hand written letter to a friend? It’s time to dig out our address books and buy some stamps! I don’t know when the last time was that I received a hand written letter either. I think it was when my daughter was born 9 years ago.

A good incentive to write a letter to an old friend is to have a pretty writing set. I have to admit that I don’t have any these days but when I was growing up they were a popular present. Again, there is a movement in the UK to bring back the snail mail. I think all I get in the post are bills! Ha!

I’ve had a quick look online and it seems that the humble writing set is far from being dead. Look at this delightful birds set!  Here is a stunningly sophisticated looking Moleskin writing set. In fact it’s so lovely I’ll have to show the photo as well as the link. It opens out into a binder with everything that you need.
Moleskin writing set in a binderThere are lots of lovely sets aimed at children as well. Missy loves writing, she wants to be an author when she’s older and is writing a novel right now. I’ll have to show some sets to her and see what she thinks. She often writes little letters to her friends in school and I like her to write thank you letters after her birthday and Christmas as well. I’m getting all excited now and looking for my fountain pen! This brings me to my next hobby nicely. We have…


I feel like that should be in a really fancy font but that’s something I haven’t yet learned how to do in the CSS code. If you even know what that means then I’m proud of you!

This seems to be another dying art yet it’s so beautiful. I think it should have a revival and we should all do it again! Would you believe that I do actually still have my fountain pen and nibs set from when I was a teenager? I would use fountain pen to write all my notes in school. Hey, do remember those useful fountain pen erasers? I wonder if they are still around?

Anyway, as I was saying, calligraphy doesn’t have to be all writing either. I’m imagining a poem written out beautifully and decorated in the same penmanship around the borders. Now wouldn’t that make a stunning and personal gift if framed! It’s very similar to the art of Chinese brush and that’s also stunning.

This Calligraphy set looks great. It has a set of different size nibs, 2 pens and different coloured inks ready to go. It also has good reviews! I don’t own this one. To be honest mine is so old and no longer in it’s box that I couldn’t even guess as to what make it is any more.
Calligraphy set with a selection of nibs and inksI’ve also found a lovely book with all amazing 5 star reviews that I am seriously tempted to get now. I simply can’t keep it to myself so here it is. If you have it, what do you think? I’d love to know. I do scrapbooking with Missy but had never though to get my pens out for it. What a wonderful combination!
Calligraphy for greetings cards and scrapbooking

Gratitude Blogging

Now I don’t know if this is a thing or not but I’ve just made up gratitude blogging. I appreciate that you need good dexterity for my list so for but not so much for blogging. Blogging is effectively a journal or diary where anything goes. They can be public or private and there are free platforms such as Blogger or WordPress.com. I started out on Blogger when it first came out.

I added the word gratitude because I think this really helps us on our worst days. Years ago I found that I journalled more during the tougher times and didn’t seem to bother when things were going well. When I stopped and though about it it seemed a bit backwards to me. Why would I want to remember all the bad bits and forget about the good times? Doh! I had good the whole thing wrong.

Imagine keeping a journal/blog where you wrote about all the funny things that happened. All the exciting news you received. Photographs of the good times. Even the most embarrassing stories that have happened in your life. Now wouldn’t that make for a great read when you need picking up?

I do this in the form of a scrapbook crossed with a journal but Missy writes in her blog and posts video diaries on it (vlogging) and she’s 9! Don’t worry, it is set to private as she’s too young for a public profile and I get emailed every time she posts. Call me Cyber Mum!

You can also get as creative as you want to with designing a blog or you can use a template and focus more on your stories. Either way it’s a wonderful hobby and I’ve got so much out of having a blog over the last 15 years. I have stories from my time living in California and my pregnancy blog. There are lots of photos of Missy after she was born out there and as she’s growing up.


I realise that this is a long post so I’m going to stop here and I’ll call it Hobbies for the Disabled part 1. When I start talking I don’t stop and I love talking about crafts and hobbies!

If you have any more to add on these hobbies then please do leave a comment and share any items that you can recommend.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. My hobbies and crafts
  2. That my daughter loves to craft with me
  3. And that hubby puts up with all my crafting paraphernalia being around the house! 😉

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