I don’t have POTS!

I saw my cardiologist this week for the results from my echocardiogram, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and 48 hour ECG monitoring.

It took a while to get through all these tests so I’ve waited a long time for the results. It turns out that the symptoms I get (vertigo, palpitations, blurred vision, orthostatic intolerance and so on) are not caused by POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) but are most likely caused by the fibromyalgia/ME conditions that I have.

The deciding factor is the word ‘tachycardia’, meaning increased heart rate. Even though I did show a couple of spikes in heart rate, I didn’t have the corresponding falls to go with them. In the past, an ECG picked up an arrhythmia but none were detected during the 2 days that I wore the ECG this time. That is good news.

It seems that my heart is doing just fine and for this, I am very relieved. The flipside is that we still don’t really understand my symptoms and the causes.

I told my cardiologist what happens when I’m exposed to one of my many triggers (outlined in my last post) and I had him really baffled. He agreed that it is extremely debilitating and it piqued his curiosity. So with my permission, he said he was going to ask some of his colleagues in Cardiff what they thought.

I was very surprised to get a phone call from him the very next day saying that he had found someone who was willing to see me in Cardiff (outside my health board in Newport). He is writing up the referral letter for me and as soon as there’s a spot in the other Dr’s clinic I can see him.

I can’t explain how happy I am that someone is taking a keen interest in this after so many years. He has done more for me with one telephone call than most of my consultants before him. I usually get told that there is nothing more they can do for me. This time my cardio followed up with, ‘…but I’ll try to find someone who can’.

Today I am grateful for

  • A lovely cardiologist who saw me as a person, not a condition.
  • I kept my surgical stockings from last year to wear today and help with the pain in my legs. 😉
  • The days finally feel like they are getting longer.
  • Bluebells are spouting opposite my house and the garden is coming back to life.
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