Diamond painting mosaics: a winter hobby

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as the summer months are filled more with outdoor activities and the kids are around getting under feet. But now the evenings are drawing in and the days are getting cooler I feel like nesting again. Maybe my body wants to hibernate! Who knows. With this nesting/semi-hibernation time I turn towards indoor activities more where I can stay nice and cosy.

Sadly, this summer I’ve also had a massive flare of my autoimmune conditions, including psoriatic arthritis, that has left my right hand in somewhat of a painful mess. My index and middle finger, along with my thumb are all swollen and very painful, so my crochet is on hold. I also have arthritis flaring in my feet and a big flare of fibro/ME. All in all, it makes it a bit difficult to get around and do things.

As I’m sick of reading for now, I’ve been wondering what else I can do to relax in the cooler months. I’ve gone back to doing a diamond mosaic kit.

Diamond painting mosaics: A winter hobby

I sell these and I do a few now and again to show as examples, as well as because they are relaxing with some music and a glass of something. But I didn’t really think I would be able to do it with my right hand in such a state. You see, I like to use the forceps to place the mosaic pieces. However, many kits also come with a glue block and pen so I thought I’d give that a try as I don’t have to squeeze anything, like I do with forceps.

You can see that even with a swollen arthritic hand I able able to use the pen tool in the diamond mosaic kits.

You can see that even with a swollen arthritic hand I am able to use the pen tool in the diamond mosaic kits.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use the pen tool, even though I’m now incapable of signing my name!

So what exactly are diamond painting mosaic kits? Well, I describe them as the mosaic version of painting by numbers. All the resin diamonds are pre-cut so there’s no cutting of pieces (or hands) to worry about. You get a sticky canvas with the image printed (just like with painting by numbers except for the sticky part!) On the image are little squares, each with a code (number or letter) printed that corresponds to the colour diamond you stick there. You can see part of the canvas and the key in the image below.

As I said, I used to use the forceps for placing the diamonds but can’t use them at the moment. The kits also come with a glue block and pen in many cases. (If you want to order a kit and need the pen let me know and I’ll make sure to pop one in if there isn’t one already.)

The green tray holds the diamonds and the grooves in it are useful for lining up the diamonds, with a little shake, so you can pick up 3 diamonds together with the back end of the pen! This is great for filling large spaces more easily. The small red block is like a wax, called the glue block (even though it’s not glue). By picking up a small amount of the wax/glue block on the end of the pen you get a tacky surface to which the diamonds will stick. You can then lift them up easily (no squeezing required!) and place them on the corresponding squares on the canvas. The canvas is so sticky that it holds the diamond in place. But don’t worry if you make a mistake, as with a little tug it will come back off to be replaced correctly.

Diamond tray, wax/glue block and pen tool.

Diamond tray, wax/glue block and pen tool.

Then all you need to do is turn up the music and pour yourself a glass while you create a masterpiece.

The end result looks a little bit like cross-stitch as the diamonds are faceted and reflect the light gently. Here’s the first one I did of a squirrel. It now hangs proudly in my office. This is a large piece (35x45cm) so that I could get a better resolution.

Diamond embroidery painting mosaic kit of a squirrel

Diamond mosaic of a squirrel

I’ve now started a kit of a cat and it’s the first one I’ve done in grey scale. I’ll have to show you when it’s finished.

If you are interested in trying these kits you can find me on Etsy and on eBay. You can message me through either shop if you have any questions or maybe want advice about what would be suitable if you have extra needs, such as having a pen tool popped in the kit if there isn’t one already included. I’ve done that for a lady just this week.

Here are a few examples of kits that are in stock this season.

Diamond painting mosaic kits

Fox cubs in the poppies

Smokey cat diamond painting mosaic craft kit

Smokey cat diamond mosaic craft kit

Fibro butterfly diamond painting mosaic craft kit

Fibro butterfly diamond painting mosaic craft kit

Santa feeding his reindeer. Diamond painting mosaic craft kit.

Santa feeding his reindeer. Diamond painting mosaic craft kit.

I wonder how many more I’ll do this winter!

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