Chronic illness tips

These are the links to my best posts for hints and tips on how to manage day-to-day with a chronic illness. I hope that you find something helpful.

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Chronic Illness Tips


Disability Hacks for Housework

My most popular post, ways that I cope better with housework. Tricks I’ve learned and been told over the years that are tried and tested by many of my friends.

10 Disability hacks for the kitchen

This post features some of the things that I have done and used to make life in the kitchen much easier for myself, especially when I was losing the use of my hands in a particularly nasty flare. Feel free to add any more tips in the comments on the post to help others (and me!).

Disability Hacks for the Bathroom

Following the popularity of Disability hacks for the kitchen I’ve put together another one for the bathroom. This is another area where we often have difficulty and also where we really do want to keep our independence.

Disability Hacks for Christmas

Some of my hints on how I cope better with the festive season.

Why I love Amazon kindle unlimited books while I’m bed ridden

I spent quite a bit of time bed ridden earlier in the year and I find that if my brain isn’t kept occupied I will go stir crazy. In this post I talk about why I really value having my kindle app and the unlimited books subscription. It really has saved my brain cells from dying!

10 Sure fire ways to trigger a flare with chronic illness

This is a tongue in cheek post about how to deliberately trigger a flare to get out of something you don’t want to do. But really it has a serious undertone and shows what sort of things can trigger a flare. I’m still learning all the time and my hubby added some to the comments that I had forgotten!

This week’s best selling disability aids by Amazon

In this post I’ve recommended a few products that I own and have found really useful. Better yet, they are all under £20!

Photosensitive migraine prevention

This post sums up everything that I have picked up over more than a decade about how to help prevent photosensitive migraines without medication. A must read for migraineurs.


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