I know first hand how hard finances can be when illness or disability impact your income. I went from being a full time professional on a good wage to an unemployable single parent due to illness in a matter of months.

It was hard. I didn’t know where to go for advice and I learnt the long and painful way how to get help and to become good at frugal living.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go without everything, but what it meant for me was saving wherever I could so that I could afford a few little luxuries in the long run for my family.

I’m slowly putting together a series of posts on finances that are specific to my experiences as someone who is unable to work conventionally due to illness. Hopefully, you will find a few nuggets here that can help you too.

Finance and budgeting when illness means you can't work.

Ways to get financial help in the UK with benefits when illness impacts your income

Here I go though the basics of how to apply for help in the UK if you find yourself unable to work full time, or at all. At first glance it’s very complicated and I wish someone was around to help me years ago when I needed it. So I’ve gone through how to get started and added the links needed for more information. I hope it helps.

Savvy Savings with Zeek

I discovered this app for my phone where I could buy discounted gift cards for UK stores.


Ways to save on grocery shopping in the UK

A collection of things that I’ve learnt to save money on groceries since losing an income to illness.

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