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Hi, I’m Cathy, a medically retired medical research scientist. A bit of a mouthful, I know! I am also a mum and wife. Since being retired in 2009 I have been unable to sit around all day and I always have the need to have a project on the go!

I turned to crafts again after becoming ill and unable to work in the normal sense of the word. After discovering pottery among other crafts I set up my first online shop, Ty Siriol Ceramics. Ty Siriol is the name of our family farm in the Welsh mountains and is Welsh for Happy House. It seemed the perfect fit as my parents are involved in the birth of our shop as well.

More recently we set up a second etsy shop called Ty Siriol Crafts where we set other crafts and supplies for crafters.

This website was born so that I could bring everything together in one place. I will be working on setting up my shop here where I can combine the two etsy shops and also have my blog.

Onto my blog, please read the first post for more information but in a nutshell I want to be able to offer support and friendship to others who are going through the difficult journey of chronic illness. I plan to add posts that will offer hints and tips on how to make daily living easier as well as introduce you to ideas and crafts for things to help you focus on and distract you from your illness, even if only for a short while. I have found that having an outlet that is mine has truly helped me to better manage my life balance and I hope I can help you to too. Please follow my blog and feel free to add to the comments where I hope that we can meet lots of new friends.

Cath xx

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