And so it begins…

I’ve finally taken the plunge and am diving deep into the world of blogs. It seems that to be cool and hip these days I’ve got to keep up with technology and have a blog. 

As far as my relationship with tech goes I think I might be in danger of turning into a dinosaur. Would you believe that once upon a time I would embrace tech and was always the first in work to dive in a give it a test run. Nowadays I am somewhat more reluctant but am finding that I have to keep up or be left behind, and I’m not ready to give up just yet.

So a bit about me. This is the bit I hate. I feel all exposed!
I’m Cathy and the owner of Ty Siriol Ceramics & Crafts. Ty Siriol is Welsh for Cheerful House and incidentally is the name of my parents farm. I hand make ceramics and crocheted crafts and then sell them in various places, such as Etsy and Folksy. I’ll try to remember to put a list at the bottom.

I’ve been making crafts, painting etc since I was a child and have gone through many phases throughout my life where they have come and gone. Somehow though I always found myself drawn back to my crafts when time allowed, usually during an illness when I wasn’t allowed to do my day job. Well, 4 years ago I was medically retired and there was a huge void in my life that I was desperate to fill. So naturally I turned back to crafts. I started out making things for me… and then family… then friends… and then, oh wait, there was no  one left! My house was filling up more each month and the costs of materials was becoming an issue, not to mention that my yarn stash needed its own postcode!! I needed to either find somewhere for all these lovelies that I was so fond of or stop making any more. This is how Ty Siriol Ceramics & Crafts came about.

A friend of mine told me about Etsy and said I should give it a go.Well, I had a look and felt intimidated. My parents were on hand though and gave me a kick up the behind. It became a family venture and we opened our first shop on Etsy. It was steep learning curve and the hardest thing was learning to value my work. I was now stepping outside the realm of hobbyist and was putting a price on my pieces. This is still something I find hard today. From here is has slowly grown. I now have a Folksy and Misi shop too, and of course, my facebook page has been highly successful. It is a steep learning curve but I know feel that I have something to focus on again and that makes me happy. It is also lovely to hear the really positive comments I get from my customers and that really makes my day. So for now, I have every intention of carrying on and to keep learning as much as I can and to carry on meeting you wonderful people.

Finally, I should post a few links so you can find me. 🙂
Cathy xx

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