Ms to Mrs Ty Siriol…

I’m bursting to tell the world. I’m getting married! 😀

I was completely taken by surprise on the weekend. I was sat on the bow of the boat in the glorious sunshine when Mr TS asked simply, ‘Do you love me?’ 
I replied, ‘Very much.’ 
He followed by asking, ‘Will you be my wife?’ 
I couldn’t speak. My brain was screaming, ‘Yes!’ but my mouth just flapped about producing incomprehensible sounds. Mr TS just smiled and said, ‘I thought that would be your response. So is that a yes?’
With my mouth still flapping all I could do was nod. It’s not often I’m speechless but I really couldn’t say anything, I was bursting! It’s a wonder I didn’t fall overboard!

It took quite a while to sink in and I’m still processing it now to be honest. I was glad that L’il Miss TS was away for the weekend as it gave us time to digest the news ourselves before announcing it. 

Mr TS had the idea then of holding a bbq on the Monday afternoon after school. We managed to get all the family and some friends around under the pretence of having a bbq before the weather turned. 

About an hour into the bbq Mr TS called everyone to the garden and asked L’il Miss TS to come over. He got down on one knee, presented her with a jewellery box with a pendant in it and asked her, ‘Would you please do me the honour of being my step-daughter because I would like to marry your mummy?’ 
I’m not sure she knew what was going on and with everyone realising what he was asking there were lots of whispers. She got nervous and said, ‘No.’ 
We all started laughing. Suddenly it all felt very real to me as I sat there watching my Dad with a big grin on his face. 

The next morning L’il Miss TS had been thinking about everything and changed her answer to, ‘Maybe’. By last night she was asking if she could pick her dress and telling us what colour she wanted. I asked L’il Miss TS if she would give me away and walk down the aisle holding my hand. She agreed so long as she didn’t have to say anything. It was lovely to cuddle up on the sofa with my new family making plans. This will be a new beginning for all of us. 

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  1. Ty Siriol says:

    Thank you Myfanwy. I'm enjoying being part of the Golden Threads team and will keep you all up to date. It's been a bit difficult lately with a bad internet connection but I will do my best.
    Cathy xx

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