L’il Miss Ty Siriol’s letter

I’m so proud of my daughter. She’s only 6 and she’s taken it upon herself to write a letter to our Local Authority after we had the car accident last week. 

We had to use the same road again 2 days ago and she got really scared seeing where it happened. We were all anxious about it. After we’d passed the spot where it happened she said that someone should put speed bumps there and asked who she should ask. What a great idea! So I told her that she would have to write a letter to the Local Authority. The next thing I know she’s thought about her letter and what she wanted to say and asked me if I’d type what she says. Well of course I would! Here’s what she wrote. 

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Megan ***** and I am 6 years old. I wanted to write to you and my mummy is helping me by typing what I say.
Last week I was in a car accident and I got hurt. Daddy Matt was driving home on some lanes and a red car hit us very badly because he was going too fast around the corner. The red car hit the side I was sitting in and the door next to me was smashed. I banged my head and hurt my hip, my neck and my back. I’ve put in a picture of what I looked like after the accident for you to see. My Mummy got hurt as well and had to go to the hospital.
Please can you put speed bumps where it happened because I’m scared to go there again just in case it happens again.
Thank you,
Megan *****(aged 6)                                         Mummy, Dr Catherine *****(aged 36)
The photo that she included:
2 days after the accident.
I have taken out the bits that I added in brackets for clarity and the exact location. I think the letter as written by a 6 year old is fantastic and I really hope that she gets a response. 
This was the car afterwards.
This was a damn good car but is now on its way to the car graveyard.

 A bit of a sobering post I’m afraid but I’m seeing the good that has come out of it. L’il Miss has shown real maturity and has decided to do something about this. I am so proud of her. 
Cathy x 
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  1. Ty Siriol says:

    An update:
    L'il Miss Ty Siriol has had a letter back from the local authority and they are looking into the safety of the junction in question. We drove there again yesterday (carefully!) and they have resurfaced the road and cut back all the overgrown hedgerow. I'm so proud of my daughter.
    Cath x

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