A little test!

I’m trying out a new feature on Facebook where you can use the ’embed’ function on your business page to add a link to your blog with minimum fuss. Now I know there are the techi types out there who already know how to do this, my ex-husband for one. Hi, if you are reading this!! 🙂 However, the key thing here is the ‘minimum fuss’ for those of us who don’t have a degree in software engineering and quite frankly would rather be creating our own designs than fighting with tech.

So here goes. If all works well you should see a link that goes back to my Facebook page and be able to like and comment on it. If you can see it I would really appreciate if you would like and comment saying that you have followed the link from my blog, otherwise I can’t really be sure that I’d done it right and I rarely get things right on the first attempt (or the second for that matter) when it comes to tech!

I’m going to link a photo of one of my mother’s paintings because it’s my current favourite.

Somehow this doesn’t look right but we’ll see. If it didn’t work then we’ll have ‘test part 2’ at some point! 

Cath xx

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