Christmas is coming to Ty Siriol

I know, it is a bit early for the ‘C’ word but what can I do? Once the high street start to bring out their Christmas stock anyone who sells online must also be ready for it. 

It is rather odd though when I am making winter woolies and Christmas themed stock during the summer months. In another month I’ll be turning me attention towards Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In the past I’ve always missed the boat so this time I’m trying to be more organised. It does feel wrong though. So I apologise if this is too early for you but I am going to show a selection of our Christmas stock that is available now online in our Etsy shop (link at the bottom) and will be on display at the Abergavenny Craft Fair next week. 

Christmas tree decoration, dove of peace by Ty Siriol Ceramics & Crafts
Dove of peace Christmas tree decoration.

Tree decorations, peace, love and joy by Ty Siriol
Christmas tree decoration box set of 3, Peace, Love & Joy.

The dove and box set are both examples of the style that I produce. These are hand built from a slab of clay and can be embossed with just about anything (providing the slab is big enough 😉 ). I have other items as well with wording such as, ‘Mum’, ‘Nan’, ‘Sister’ and so on. I have also made quite a few of these to order with names on them. The first one I made was for my daughter and she loved having a special decoration on the tree that was all hers. After lots of compliments I finally decided a year ago that I would make them for others as well. They’ve been a huge success and I’m always touched to know that they will make a young child feel special.

These 3 decorations, unlike the ones at the top, are made by slip casting with a mould and are more reproducible. Of course the painting is unique each time as this is all done by hand. These decorations are larger than the others at about 4 inches high and are suitable for hanging on garlands or little hooks as a decoration in their own right as well as being part of the tree.

Santa nibbles dish for your parties.

Novelty ‘Sweet’ dish to hold your nibbles, nuts or sweets.

Novelty ‘cupcake’ dish.

No Christmas post would be complete without Santa! I also have these novelty dishes this year, Santa, a Sweet and a Cupcake. My fave is the cupcake, which is yours? I think these dishes are fantastic for brightening up your party table. And what better to serve your sweets on… but a giant sweet!!! 

I should point out that the glazes used on the dishes are all food safe glazes and are hand washable. As my brother says, ‘Safety first, safety second!’ 😉

So as you can see, I’ve been busy. I feel like I had Christmas in July this year. I’ll be fed up by December!! It won’t be long now until I start on the summer stock. It’s just madness!!! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nose behind the scenes with me. If you like what you’ve read I would love it if you would share my blog and/or my shop to help me get seen out there. It’s a big world and I am but one person. Your help in the past has been amazingly helpful and I am always grateful for any shout outs and shares. It’s you guys who keep me going through out mutual love of hand crafted goods. 

I won’t wish you a Happy Christmas just yet because that really is bonkers so instead I’ll simply wish you all well.

Cath xx

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  1. Heidi Welch says:

    I am so not used to thinking about Christmas so early in the year – but have already started shopping. With all the crafty goodness I keep seeing I can't help it!!
    I think I like Santa best, but it is a close call between them all! 🙂

  2. Ty Siriol says:

    I know what you mean. It really caught me by surprise last year and I had to turn customers away because I hadn't planned far enough ahead. I'm a bit better organised this year… I hope! 😉

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