Let the Christmas festivities commence!

I haven’t posted for a little while as I’ve been so busy with craft fairs, coffee mornings and the usual online side of my business. However, I can now breathe… The last fair is over and the final posting day is today so I can now turn my attentions towards the family for the next couple of weeks. 

My stall at the Abergavenny Art & Craft Fair.

L’il Miss finishes school tomorrow and Mr Ty Siriol only has to work Christmas Eve so we’ll have plenty of quality family time. Instead of playing with clay, I’ll be making cookie dough. L’il Miss is a dab hand at rolling and cutting the shapes for me. Every Christmas Eve we bake cookies for Santa, and of course extra for ourselves!! It’s something I’ve done with L’il Miss since she was a year old and something I hope that she will carry on when she has her own children. This is L’il Miss aged 1 just before she dunked Rudolph’s carrot in Santa’s milk! We don’t encourage drink flying in this house so Santa gets milk!

The other little tradition that I started after L’il Miss was born is new pyjamas on Christmas Eve so that we are looking out best for Santa. We stay in them all Christmas morning until we have to get dressed for Christmas dinner. This year L’il Miss is going to help cook dinner with me. If I train her up maybe she’ll cook it for us in a couple of years time. 🙂 

In her new pjs for Santa.

As my health hasn’t been very good this year we are having a peaceful Christmas with just the three of us and we are visiting all the family on Boxing Day. This way I get to spend more time with my daughter and we extend the excitement of Christmas by another day. 

It doesn’t look like we’re in for a white Christmas this year. It was lovely a few years back to see the snow falling on Christmas morning. There is something magical about being warm and cosy indoors with all the decorations up while watching the snow gently falling. Then of course, they young ones have to go out in it and freeze themselves. Just have hot chocolate waiting for when they need it! This pic of L’il Miss is a few years old now but I love the look on her face.

L’il Miss in the snow.

So you can probably tell that I’m starting to get excited about Christmas now. Most the gifts are wrapped and I’m only waiting on one more to arrive, hopefully today, and then I’ll do the food shop on the weekend, then let the festivities begin! I love my family and I love the opportunity to have everyone together. 

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Yule Blessings, and look forward to seeing you all in 2014 for another fantastic year together. 

Cath xx 


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