A new addiction and form of therapy

I’m like a kid in a sweet shop at the moment. I’ve found a new addiction…wheel thrown pottery!

I’ve been going to a class again for my ceramics primarily as a way to meet others who share my passions. Of course, I am also there to stretch myself and experiment outside of my comfort zone, I’ve still got a lot to learn! I am also very limited in what I can do in my garage due to lack of space so this way I can use tools and equipment that I either cannot afford or don’t have space for. This is where the wheel comes in.

Using a wheel is a very messy business, at least it is for me! I definitely need space and a splash zone. However, I think this is why I find it so attractive. I tried a wheel a few years ago but gave up as my arthritic hands were seizing and painful from doing it. I didn’t have the fine control required. Anyway, while I’ve been back in a class I’ve found myself looking at this lonely, unused wheel and I’m sure it’s been calling me. Over Christmas I was talking to Mr Ty Siriol about it and I decided that I’m going to give it another go, only this time I’m going to use warm water instead of cold to keep my hands moving freely. 

I’ve now had two sessions on the wheel and the first time pretty much all I made was a mess! It really is hard to do. This week I was so pleased because I have 2 items that look vaguely like vases and 2 more that are tea bowls. I was so disappointed when class was over as I was just getting into it. I’m annoyed that I forgot to photograph them for you to see. I’ll have to remember my camera next week so I can show you. They are not pretty but they are getting better with each attempt.

I discovered an added bonus to using the wheel, even if all I make is a mess. By using warm/hot water with the clay and having it running through my hands I actually felt that I had better movement and less pain in my joints. When I got home I quickly peeled all the veg in case I lost it again! Maybe I need to bathe in the stuff! 

I am now feeling so obsessed by the wheel that I am trying desperately to think of a way that I could fit one into my garage. I think L’il Miss’ bike and my wheelchair will have to find another home because I NEED a wheel. *wink* It is therapy for both my mind and body, and I might eventually be able to make something we can recognise. Until then I’ll keep going in class and hopefully remember to take some pics for you.

In the meantime, take care!

Cathy x

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