Love is in the air

Wow, the last few weeks have just flown by and my feet have hardly touched the ground. It was 2 weeks ago today that I married the wonderful Mr Ty Siriol and it’s taken this long for it to truly sink in… he said ‘I do’! He really did. I was so worried that he would flee because of my illnesses but he can thankfully see deeper than that, he can see me. Also, I managed to walk down the aisle after lots of worrying that I’d need my crutches, or worse, my chair.

We had a fantastic day and the weather was amazing. We were so lucky as all the days around our wedding day were wet and overcast. We however, had glorious sunshine and were able to have our reception drinks out in the gardens. Surrounded by friends and family it was a truly emotional day. L’il Miss Ty Siriol walked me down the aisle to Winter from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. She was more nervous than I was but did an amazing job. 

L’il Miss got overwhelmed by the time we walked back out again and broke down in tears. It meant so much to her that Mr TS is now really her step-dad. She’s loved him for years but now it’s official. 

At the reception we had a little surprise for L’il Miss, we had her very own wedding ring made for her (as well as Mr TS’s) from one of Mr TS’ rings that he no longer wore. He presented it to her during the speeches and she proudly showed it off to everyone. We always said that me and her were a package deal, if he was marrying me then he was also marrying her, so it is fitting that she has her own wedding ring. 

I know many of you are dying to see photographs but we haven’t had many official ones back yet. We do however have a few that friends have taken and been kind enough to send to us, so here are a few of my favourites. 

You may now kiss the bride
With L’il Miss who walked me down the aisle

Cutting the cake
Making sure he knows who’s boss!
With my wonderful husband

Thank you for sharing in my happiness. Many of you have also helped out for the preparations and sent lovely cards to us. I have to thank Mandy for making my shawl, which I wore in the evening as it cooled off. Thank you to Vicki for the ‘something borrowed, something blue’, shawl pin that she made. I also have to thank Georgia who made the wedding invites and thank you cards for me as well as saving my naked feet at the last minute by sending me some barefoot sandals to wear. Those can be seen on my facebook page.

Love to you all,Cathy xx

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