What to do when you can’t do!

I know that is a really odd title, I must be in an odd mood or maybe I’ve been reading too many Ever After High books with L’il Miss! I do like Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter! 

Back onto track. I haven’t blogged much in the last few months as my health has taken a rather swift downturn and I’m pretty sure no one wants to read all about that so I haven’t typed much. As many of my followers know I have chronic illnesses, several in fact, they seem to like me! Recently though everyone in this household has been shouting at Arthur a lot. That’s arthritis to most. You see, Arthur is systematically attacking me and has landed me housebound and in a wheelchair. Fun huh! Anyway, I’m not here to whinge, I do plenty of that at home! Rather, I’m trying to figure what to do when I can’t do. Hence the rather odd blog title. 

Today I’m quite comfortable, the pain in manageable but boy, am I bored! I’m really having trouble with this sitting (as I can’t walk very far at all) and resting thing. Surprisingly, I’m realising how active I usually am. Normally the day flies by and school is over before I know it. I really have learnt how to fill my time. Now I’m having to learn to fill it with other things, mainly things I can do sat down such as on my laptop. 

I’m rather proud of myself today as I’ve kept fairly good spirits and have invested my time into revamping my Etsy shop. I’m not making much in the way of ceramics at the moment as there’s too much moving around and I can’t get the wheelchair into my garage anyway. I do however, have quite a bit of stock so the obvious use of my time is to try and improve my shop and my customers’ experience. 

Etsy are trialling a new layout on me, again! I seem to be picked each time, maybe because I always give feedback. It’s taken a bit of getting used to but I actually quite like this layout. There are a few things I want back, such as my banner with my branding on (which I’ve told them) but overall I think it’s a good change. The photographs are much bigger and seem to pop off the page more, and the organisation of the sections is more obvious. I would however like to be able to choose which item is my cover item for each section but again I’ve fed that back to Etsy. 

There appears to be new options now on the ‘About’ page and I’ve been adding some photographs of my shop members for you all to see. I think I’ll have to get the camera out and take some more shots of my shop members doing their bit. I like that we can show everyone who we are and that we are real people who do actually work from their garages! I think I need to tidy mine before photographing it though! It’s so hard to get a good workshop shot when you work with messy things like clay! 

I’d love your feedback on the new Etsy layout. My page is here. 
I don’t like to blog without a photo so here’s one of the ones that I have added to my shop page. It’s me in front with my parents, Chris (above) and Christina (right) and a friend of the family (left joining us for a leisurely coffee.

The Ty Siriol clan at Abergavenny Market

As always, thank you for following behind the scenes at Ty Siriol HQ. I’ll try not to leave it so long until next time.

Cathy x


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