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I’m always on the look out for inspiration and never know what can make the creative juices start to flow. Even on holiday I find myself looking carefully at the ceramics in the shops and the styles that different cultures adhere to. Recently while visiting Spain I was inspired by the vibrant colours and bold designs that they use. In fact, it seemed to be a theme in other places that we visited on this cruise, including Corsica and Pisa, Italy. 

I know it’s not the most polite thing to do but I did have to photograph some things that I saw in the shops. At least I tried to do it discretely, I didn’t want to be shouted at in a language I couldn’t argue my point in!

Take a look and you’ll see why I was drawn to them. 

Barcelona. Handmade pottery.

Handmade ceramic tiles in Barcelona

Handmade pottery in Barcelona

Mass produced (I think) ceramics in Corsica. They have great vibrant handpainted designs.

Hand painted ceramics in Corsica


La Coruna, Spain. Quite a different style here compared with Catalonya but still very bold. 

I’ll keep this blog handy for when I need a bit of motivation and inspiration. Strangely enough, during my water colour painting class on ship I was told by the tutor that I have a very bold style. I never would have thought that but when I looked at other class members work I had to agree with him. Maybe I’m working my way up to being as bold as the Spanish (and others) with my ceramics. 

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