The Ty Siriol Honeymoon

Wow! What a summer! Throughout being really ill and back and forth hospitals this year I have also knocked through our kitchen and dining room, created a workshop in the garage to contain my clay mess, planned a wedding and of course got married, been a full time mum especially over the summer holidays and am responsible for around 90% of the Ty Siriol business. Thank you to my parents who are picking up the slack for me while I’ve been unwell. So as you can imagine I was ready for a holiday in the form of a honeymoon this autumn. 

As it was a really special holiday we splashed out (pardon the pun) and went on a cruise of the Western Med. Lil Miss came with us because Mr Ty Siriol married us both. Also, I don’t think she would have forgiven me for going without her! 

We left from Southampton and stopped at Gibraltar, Cartagena (Spain), Barcelona, Ajaccio (Corsica), Pisa (Italy), Monte Carlo (Monacco) and La Coruna (Spain) before arriving back at Southampton. We were really lucky with the weather considering it was the end of September with temperatures in the 20s and 30s (degrees C). We had a fantastic time and I’ve come back feeling so much more relaxed. 

As usual, I don’t do blogs without at least one pic, so here are a couple. 🙂

Our ship ‘Oceana’ is in the background

In the Little Spanish Village, Barcelona

I have a thing about palm trees. I really miss them after living in California.

Ready for Black Tie night

In the atrium on the ship

Thank you for reading and sharing with me. 
Cathy xx
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