A little treat for me

I’ve been making a few little things for me recently. These all wall pockets! I’d never heard of them until someone asked me if I made them. A quick google search and I now know what they are. Isn’t Google wonderful! So I got busy and me and my daughter had a go at making our own versions of wall pockets. 
2014-09-18 12.54.36 watermarked

This one has a sprig of a flower from my garden impressed into it and painted. I forget what the flower is called now though but I think it starts with a G! 🙂 


Now this flower I do know! Lavender! Also taken from my garden. 


This time I played with dots from my piping bag full of slip. I was thinking all the lines of a fern. What do you think?

So now that I have these wall pockets on my garden fence I need to think of a good hardy plant to put in them. I’m really not green fingered so I’ll need one that can withstand my neglect! I’m thinking of ivy at the moment. Do you have any ideas for me? Answer in the comments and remember that the plant needs to be tough to survive me! 

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