Cardiff Food Festival

I recently went to the Cardiff Food Festival with Mr Ty Siriol. Even though as a coeliac sufferer I can’t eat anything there, Mr TS love, love, loves his food and the more exotic the better! 

So off we went in the drizzly rain, me in my really unattractive bright purple rain coat and Mr TS looking normal and blending in well. At least he could find me easily if I wandered off! 


See! I told you it was bright!

Thankfully, it’s not only food at the festival. There were also an array of art and craft stalls with their owners wrapped up warm and sheltering as best they could from the endless rain. 

There were a few ceramics stalls. I really loved the stoneware and their glazes. Sadly, my kiln doesn’t fire to those temperatures… but Mr TS did say that maybe next year we could save for a new kiln. 😀 He’s so wonderful. Love him to bits. (Sorry about the soppy bit. 😉 ) 

There was one stall where children were being shown how to throw their own pots on the wheel. It was lovely to watch the children getting involved, despite being in the rain. I did take a sneaky photo on my phone. Aren’t they wonderful?

We went for a walk down around the bay area and found even more food stalls. The smells were wonderful. It’s a good thing I’d eaten or my will power might have failed me. 

It was a good day out even in the rain so it would be great in the sun shine. I would recommend it. They also have various bands playing with the beer tents around the stage if food isn’t your thing. 😉 

I’ll leave you now with a photo of some boats that were moored up in the Bay and a mummy swan with her cygnets. 


Take care.
Cathy xx
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