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It’s certainly feeling a lot like Christmas in this house now. Missy is off school and hubby only has 4 more days left in his job until he is unemployed so we are all winding down and settling in for the festivities. 

Today has been a wonderful day. I am so blessed to have this life and my family. After a relaxing lie in after drinkies last night all three of us made a spontaneous diorama. Did I spell that right? It’s big in America from what I gather and Missy decided that was what we were going to do. Out came the pencil case, the sticky tape and a big pile of paper. Missy directed us through her vision of a Winter Wonderland and we all had our bits to make. In hindsite we should have looked for card rather than paper but with some engineering skills and a good laugh we got it together. Isn’t it great!

All this crafting was hungry work so we decided to be naughty and have pancakes for lunch. Well, why not? It is the season to overindulge afterall! I think though that we must have still had crafting on the brain as we ended up spelling words in our pancakes. Missy decided that hers should say ‘#lol’, hubby’s said ‘Dad’ and mine was holly with black cherries as the berries. I don’t have a photo of these though as they didn’t last very long! 

The plan was to go out for a walk after lunch but it started raining. Instead hubby tackled the wrapping. It’s so nice not to always have to take charge with these things any more. In the past I had to buy and wrap my own pressies. :/ Things are very different now. I tried to wrap a few pressies but the littlest member of the household refused to co-operate. See for yourself. 

Luckily the weather cleared before the sun set so I got to go for my walk after all. It’s lovely walking through the Sirhowy Valley at all times of year. At the moment the streams and rivers are in full flow and there are a few waterfalls to admire along the route. Missy took her skateboard and found that it was much easier to be pulled along by me and hubby! 



Not long after these pics the heavens opened and we tried to shelter under the tree up ahead in this photo. It wasn’t much help though and by the time we got back we were soaked through and laughing at how silly we were. It was good fun and one of our favourite walks. 🙂 

Back home it was pajama time and after a well earned cuppa the family fun continued with Wii games and chocolates! I think a Christmas movie tonight will finish it off nicely… maybe with a few more drinkies! 

I hope you are all settling into the festive season now and I wish you all a wonderful Yule and Christmas. 

Cath xx


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