A shiny new website, in progress

I’m so happy. I’ve actually managed to get the start of a website together publish it! Now I need to add some content and slowly work out how to set up the details and put the shop side together.

I have no idea why a few of my updates haven’t taken effect but I’m not going to worry about them just now as it’s only a preference of style.

So, I’m taking a deep breathe… introducing you to www.tysiriol.com!

Please pop over and offer a bit of support. I’ve never attempted a website before, let alone one with a shop. There are lots of things missing still but I have to say that the whole experience has been rewarding. I hate techy stuff at the best of times but I am so excited about once the site it fully operational. 🙂

Come and join me over on the dark side!

Cath xx

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