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Welcome to the start of my new blog. This is my 4th, or maybe my 5th blog over the years. I’m not sure as brain fog is common with chronic illness. So I’m going to start again. I’m Cathy and I’m a spoonie!

If you understand what it means to be a spoonie then I’m very sorry. If you don’t know about the spoon theory then follow this link. ‘Spoon Theory’. Christine tells the story so much better than I do.

As well as being a spoonie, I’m a mum, wife, housekeeper (sometimes!), a potter, online small business owner, blogger and, well plain exhausted! These things are hard enough anyway but when you live with chronic ill health something has to give eventually.

After becoming ill when I was 29 I was completely overwhelmed. I had a newborn daughter, moved from California back to the UK, was up all night with a baby and working long hours every day as a research scientist. Boy, was I exhausted. I went through the stages of denial, begging, loss, grief etc (I can’t remember the 5 stages but I’m sure there are really more and I even revisited some of them over the years) and eventually I arrived at acceptance.

Much of the reason I have accepted who I have become was down to online support and meeting fellow spoonies. I saw so many inspiring people doing amazing things. They taught me a new way of thinking, gave practical advice and emotional support. I owe who I am to so many brave and wonderful people. Together we are survivers.

Now I hope to pass some of this support, advice and general help on to any of you who are just as overwhelmed as I was. Maybe it’s a loved one who has become ill. I would still encourage you to learn what you can so that you are not only able to offer the support your loved one needs but also to make sure that you are getting the support that you need.

I also hope to meet some new lovely people who I can forge friendships with and share the good times with. As my blog title says, Crafting is my Therapy and it is very true. We all need something to focus on that is not health related and for me I re-found my love of crafts, in particular I found pottery. For many of us we have lost our careers and jobs, suddenly finding a lot of time on our hands. If the void isn’t filled life can get very lonely. This is where so many of us have turned to crafts. I’m looking forward to discussing different crafts and seeing your projects as well. Together we can inspire each other other and meet like minded people. Let’s make the next chapter of our lives great ones!

Finally, here’s a photo of me so that you can know who is behind all the rabbiting on that you will no doubt see here. Just know that if I say anything stupid, the meds made me do it!! 😀

Cath in La Coruna

Me in La Coruna, Spain.


Cath x

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