Planning for the future, a new workshop

I’m very excited about this piece of news. I’m going to be sorting out my workshop properly this year. 

You see I’ve been doing my pottery in my garage for the last few years but it is so cold in the winter months that production stops. Well not next winter! 

I’m going to be bricking up the garage door and replacing it with a big window that will let in lots of lovely light without needing to be exposed to the elements. Planning applications are in and we have our building firm sorted. I really can’t wait!

Where the garage door is now is where I plan to have my art desk and do my painting. I’ll have good light there. I will also have space to put up more shelving so that I can store my paints and glazes downstairs (they are in the spare bedroom at the moment) and also have space to store more stock. 

The other up side is that we will get back out spare room for overnight guests. Or somewhere for me or hubby to run to when one of us decides to snore. It’s usually him snoring! Shh… I didn’t say that! 

So there’s my little piece of exciting news. I had to share it with you. I know that my crafty buddies will understand the significance and I daresay that their spouses will appreciate not having craft supplies all around the house as well! 

I’ll try to remember to photograph things as they progress. 

Cath x

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