The excitement is building

I’ve got so many plans in my head that I think it’s either going to explode or I’ll forget them all! 

I’m working on building my own website! I have now purchased my domain and hosting, and am ready to get stuck in. 

But… I’ve hit my first techi snag. I’ve had to call in the cavalry in the form of my brother. My tech guy is on holiday so I’m working through as much of this as I can as it’s a good experience to learn if I’m going to maintain it. So my bro is my stand in tech guy while I get to work on the content.  

Eventually I’ll have my online shops in one place where I plan to sell the ceramics and craft supplies together. 

I will also move this blog over and I have a second blog in the making about how crafting has been the making and saving of me. 

I hope to be able to pay it forward and help others who are chronically ill to find new meaning in life, as I did with the help of my many friends and fellow spoonies. It will be a place where we can share experiences and tips on how to cope with things in day to day life. 

This is a long term project of mine. I will be putting together posts about how chronic illness affects different aspects of our lives and how we can move forward with it, posts on different crafts and activities that I have tried (and will be trying) that have helped with my wellbeing, and posts on articles and items that I find that could be beneficial to us, such as household aids. I will be essentially opening a window into my life in the hope that I might be able to help someone who is perhaps newly diagnosed and feeling lost. The biggest lesson that I learnt was that I am not alone. 

So watch this space and hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have a new project called ‘Crafting is my Therapy’ to share with you. I’m very excited about this and I do hope that you will come along for the ride and take part with advice of your own as well. 

Cath xx

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