Bed bound with fibromyalgia

So today is a bad day, I’ve been hit with a massive fibro flare. This is a triple whammy. I’ve got the abscesses from my teeth so I’m on antibiotics which are IV strength, I have been exposed to gluten which I’m allergic to when I was in a Cafe yesterday, (Watch out for hot chocolate!) and I’ve also caught a chest infection from Meg.
All in all I feel like I should be in a hospital bed. But as hospitals are far too stressful and usually a waste of time for fibromites, instead I’m bed bound at home and unable to look after Meg very easily. Thankfully she’s already got over the worst of the chest infection and she’s helping me by bringing things to me when I need them. Of course, being up all night for several nights with her didn’t exactly help me.
It’s already past lunchtime and so far I’ve only managed to get to the bathroom once. All I can say is thank goodness for an ensuite bathroom so I only need to go about 8 paces! Various aids in my room are also very much appreciated today.
The pain in my feet, ankles, knees and hips is so bad that I can barely walk today. That along with all over muscle weakness and I’ve become bedridden. I just hope that this passes quickly because I can’t do this for long. I have responsibilities as a mum, a housewife, and entrepreneur. That often feels like a joke to me I’m the only one silly enough to actually employ me!
I’m living today on liquids because I can’t even get down the stairs let alone stand in the kitchen and cook a meal and it was just too much of a pain and nuisance trying cook something that is gluten free. I don’t have the option of having a quick easy snack and yes I’ve already made frozen meals myself. Lately though I’ve been too busy working on getting the website up and running and the blog up and running, so batch cooking has been on the back burner for a while. I don’t have anything in the freezer and that was a BIG mistake. Please learn from my mistakes you and make sure you’ve always got something to hand. For now I’m living on water and chocolate because that’s about all I can eat that I’ve got easy access to.
I’ll bounce back again after a few days. It makes me think that maybe a good blog post would be ‘what to do when you’re bedridden’ to distract yourself and occupy your mind because boredom is awful when you can’t do anything and you see all the chores piling up around you.
Thankfully I can see well enough to be able to read a chapter of my book now and again and I am so grateful for my Kindle app. I was reluctant at first to get one but now I have one I’m a complete convert. I do miss the smell of a really old musty book though. I bet I’m not the only one!
A few hours after dictating this I lost my vision and ability to read completely as my gluten allergy caused one of the worst fibro migraines I’ve had for a while. The ones that are much more painful than being in labour!
If you can’t see well enough to be able to read there is also Kindle audible which could be useful for some people. I don’t get on with it particularly as I’m a very visual person but I know a lot of people love it. Here’s a shameful affiliate link for you if you would like to try a 30 free trial of Amazon audible. Or you could have a loved one read a book to you. That’s quite a nice idea. Meg likes to read to me when I’m having a sofa day.
It’s always good to have DVDs of movies that you can watch. Keep a couple of light hearted ones on standby just in case, ones to lift your spirits.
Feel free to add more ideas in the comments. I’ll go through them and put them together in a more comprehensible post when I’m feeling a bit more, shall we say with it!
I think I’ll stop here now. I’ve been dictating this because I can’t see very well to write or read what is on the screen. I will have a bit of editing to do before I post this.


Addendum: The afternoon and last night were horrific. The pain was so bad that my strongest painkillers didn’t touch it. I literally couldn’t move my head without feeling like I was brain hemorrhaging. I suspect that it was another chemical induced meningitis attack brought on my gluten allergy. This is why I think it’s an allergy rather than autoimmune in my case. I’m still in a lot of pain and very weak today but I have made it downstairs to get a drink. I also have Meg home from school still poorly so we are looking after each other. She’s complaining of being bored now so that’s a good sign that she’s on the mend. Hopefully I’ll be on the mend really soon too.
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