The joys (or not) of fibromyalgia fibro fog!

I had all these plans for a sensible and helpful blog post but I’ve been struck down with a bad case of fibro fog… again!

I don’t think I’ve said before that I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve probably had them all my┬álife as I can trace symptoms and warning signs right back but I wasn’t diagnosed until I was about 35, when I entered the dreaded severe level of it.

Generally I’m in the moderate severity level but I do dip into the severe level when I flare, that is, when the symptoms get worse than normal (for me).

The joy of fibro fog in fibromyalgia

I had dental work a few days ago as I’ve got three abscesses that need sorting out. The next one is being tackled tomorrow but thankfully as it’s on the same side as the last one I can still eat on the other side. I just have to remember literally not to bite off more than I can chew!

I’m sure that other fibromites (I like that name!) will know that things like dental work can really take their toll on us. I was expecting more pain than I’ve had but as the pressure is now taken off one of the abscesses it has eased somewhat. I’ve had it for 4 years would you believe but that’s another story.

What has surprised me most is that the fatigue and cognitive symptoms have hit me most of all. You wouldn’t believe how many different ways I’ve tried to spell ‘abscess’ so far! In fact, I’m really grateful for spellcheckers today as my fingers are typing a lot slower and still getting the letters in random order. If I wasn’t laughing at myself I’m sure I’d be getting really frustrated by now.

How do you cope with the cognitive problems? Let’s call it fibro fog again as that’s easier to spell!

As you can see, I’m still working on this website and today I was planning on taking a look at the shop side and working out how WooCommerce works. Instead I’m having to go with the easier (but just as important tasks) that aren’t as taxing. I might even do a little bit of ironing if my muscles hold up. I can’t think of many more brain dead things to do!!

The thinker surrounded by question marks

The thinker

With chronic illnesses we often get thrown a curve ball. Thankfully I work for myself and my boss understands… well, when she doesn’t have fibro fog anyway! But I often wonder how I would cope if I was still in my old career. It’s not so easy to adjust your tasks and deadlines when you are formally employed. Many employers just don’t get it either. I mean, we look fine, but somewhere our brains have gone off walkies! It’s often been likened to early dementia but we don’t want to say that to an employer either.

Do you have any tips for others that might help? Please post them in the comments. One of my future plans is to collate hints and tips for different aspects of our lives into one place where we can quickly find them if we are having difficulties. So please do share with us any tricks that you might have picked up along the way.

Until next time, when I’m hopefully all here, thanks for reading and stay well.

Cath xx

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