Nothing quite like gluten-free home cooking!

It’s now the day after I had my second tooth removed and I’m feeling quite gummy now, not to mention sore. I miss my beloved crisps and I think it’ll be a while before I’m eating them again.

I do need something substantial in my tummy though as I’m on an IV equivalent dose of antibiotics to get these abscesses under control.

So what is soft and mushy, easy to eat, will leave me feeling full, is a comfort food and very importantly gluten free?

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If you didn’t know, yes I am gluten free to the extreme. I’m not sure if I have the autoimmune coeliacs disease or a very severe allergy to all things gluten as with my blood clotting disorder I can’t have the biopsy done to tell me. Not that it matters really as the end result is the same… I will never be able to eat gluten again!

Recently, I started to make bread and butter pudding again. I know, what a blast from the past! I haven’t made one since I was in school! I really had forgotten how easy it is to make as well. Also, the make it gluten free I simply use my gluten free bread instead of the normal stuff. I can’t think of an easier substitution.

I’ve been mixing it up as well by changing the flavours and throwing in whatever I find in the cupboard. I love recipes you can do that with, don’t you?

Gluten free bread pudding

Can I make bread pudding in the slow cooker?

This time I’m experimenting again though as I’ve never tried to make a pudding in my slow cooker before. I recently bought this slow cooker and I love it. I’ll have to write a review on it for you soon. I used the slow cooker as it’s much larger than my other baking dish and I thought I might be able to batch cook it and live off it for a day or two!

In case you are wondering how I made it, here’s the approximate recipe. Like I say, you can adapt this really easily to your own tastes.

Gluten free Bread and Butter pudding

4 eggs (medium/large)

2 cups milk (use almond or coconut milk for a different flavour and for dairy free)

2 ounces brown sugar

1 cap full of vanilla essence

Gluten free bread about 4-5 slices (enough to fill your baking dish)

Nutmeg to taste


Dried fruit between the layers of bread

Orange peel or marmalade spread on the bread (usually it’s butter but I leave it out as it’s not necessary)

I like to add 1-2 ounces of ground almonds to my custard when I use almond milk. Yum! (And often a big glug of amaretto liqueur. *Hic*)

Try spreading Nutella over your bread or using chocolate milk for your custard if you are a chocoholic.

You can replace half a cup of milk with half a cup of cream for a richer texture and taste.


You can either layer or rip up your bread and place it in the bottom of your baking dish. I layer it if I’m spreading it with flavours.

Making the custard

Add the eggs, milk, sugar, flavours and ground almonds if you are using them to a separate bowl.

Whisk them together until thoroughly mixed.

Pour the custard mix over the bread and allow the bread to soak up all that yummy goodness. (I dunk it with the back of a spoon to help it along as I’m soooo impatient, especially where pudding is concerned!)

Sprinkle a bit of nugmeg over the top to taste.

Cook at 160 degrees C for between 45-60 minutes depending on your oven and the shape of your dish.

Check that the pudding has cooked through with a skewer (or if you’re like me, a knife will do!) When the skewer comes out clean the pudding is cooked.

Finally, grab a big spoon and knock yourself out!


If you have any tips for gluten free cooking and/or slow cooker cooking (as I’m new to it) then please pop them in the comments, I’d love to hear them. Also, what other flavours would you try out?

A gluten free bread pudding like I ate as a child

A gluten free bread pudding like I ate as a child

I’m off to check my chocolate bread pudding now as the smell is driving me nuts! I’ll think of you while I’m gumming my pudding over the next couple of days.

Bon Appetité!


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