Scrapbooking as a family activity

I’ve been reading a lot about scrapbooking and journaling on Pinterest (one of my fave places) lately. I love the idea. Our family already have a ‘rememberlutions’ jar in the house where we add post-its with all the good things that happen throughout the year so that we can go over them again on New Years Eve. It’s worked well… but… there are no photos and I LOVE photos! I’m a very visual person. So we decided to have a go at scrapbooking as a way of combining our memories, photo albums and journals.

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I have been looking around in stores and online for some nice scrapbooks and I’m amazed firstly at how much they cost in a hobby shop. I was horrified. As I have no idea what I’m doing I didn’t feel I could quite stretch that far just yet. Maybe, later on when I’m a seasoned scrapbooker. Is that a word?

So I kept an eye out for a few weeks while the idea was ruminating and then hubby found 2 beautiful handmade books in a charity shop of all places! I really can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to part with these.

Handmade scrapbooks

Handmade scrapbooks

Aren’t they lovely. They appear to be made from bamboo strips and leaves with the binding fastened with a twig. I absolutely love them.

Naturally Missy had to have one of them! I was thinking of her when I got the idea to scrap book. She’s going through an awful lot of crap at the moment and it’ll be good for her to have a book to hand that she can put her happy memories and time with friends in to look back over when she’s feeling blue.

Here’s mine and hubby’s first attempts at scrapbooking. Don’t laugh, it’s a work in progress and I think that once we get into our groove we’ll become more creative.

My Scrapbook

2016-02-01 16.54.10

I did have a go at making mini-bunting with washi tape (my new favourite play thing) and I raided Missy’s craft box for other bits and bobs. I’ll be on the look out for pretty things now to decorate more pages with.

So there you have it, scrapbooking by a complete novice! It is fun and I do love sticking things with glue. (Some things you just never out grow!) Hopefully this will become a new thing for us as a family and I will have new (and improved) pages for you to see.

If you are interested in giving scrapbooking a go there are lots of lovely ones here.

I’ve hunted high and low in my wholesalers and to be fair, I can’t stock them any cheaper.

Here’s a scrapbooking kit to help you get started.
Of course, you might also get lucky in charity shops! 😉 

Do you scrapbook? Please add your photos to the comments so I can have a peek!

Cath xx

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  1. Claire says:

    I haven’t scrap booked…. but love this idea of creating like a year book as events happen…. you have given me a great idea for me and Sophie!!!! Now I have more time, I shall definitely be doing things like this more… inbetween lots of other things … you know me always on the go!! Brilliant little bits of info and such a great idea hunny… thanks for sharing xx

    • Cathy says:

      Sophie could have her own as well to keep her photos of her and her friends in with special events. Meg has her own as well as the family one. She likes to pretend that I’m not allowed to look though! 😉

  2. Jan says:

    I love your new scrapbook – what a find! My daughter also likes to “mess about” with her scrapbook, and is always after any hints and tips, so I’ll send her the link to your page. Good luck

    • Cathy says:

      Aww, thank you Jan. Your daughter is free to post tips for everyone else as well. I’m only just starting and I know I’ve got a lot more I can learn. What I love is how relaxing it is with my favourite cd on in the background. 🙂 Cath xx

  3. Rolene says:

    Hi. It is my first visit on your site and I love it! I read previously about putting good memories in a jar but I am only getting excited about it after reading your post! I am busy making a book about my baby’s first year and enjoy it a lot to plan and look what to stick on between the photos.
    My in-laws had a tradition to buy a book when they went on vacation and everyone had to write what they enjoyed about every day. I want to combine that with a scrapbook for holidays. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pages.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Rolene and welcome.
      I remember making a book of my daughter’s first year and its wonderful having it to look back on, more so now that my daughter is 9 and looks at it with me. I’m sure your baby will really thank you for the book later on.
      I’m putting my wedding photos into a scrap book at the moment and writing in the funny bits and my favourite things about the day. I’ve even got dried roses from my bouquet and table flowers that can go in. Pretty much anything that is flat can go in. Oh, don’t forget your little one’s hand and foot prints! I’m always blown away by how small my daughter’s (now enormous) feet were! Cath xx

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