Fibromyalgia wake up call

This last week has been a real wake up call for me. I have been pushing myself too hard for over 6 months now and fibro/ME have said Enough!. So much for feeling the best ever while in Normandy, France last summer.

While we were in France I really relaxed. I ate good fresh food each day, walked more than I have been able to for a couple of years (I even left the wheelchair at home), and I sat back to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

No sooner than I got home the proverbial hit the fan in my personal life and things got messy with my daughter being dragged through it as well. Hubs lost his job, I lost my income, and Missy started to become ill. She is now being investigated for fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.

My happy place had vanished in a puff of smoke!

I have been working so hard to keep going and sometimes there have been 6 medical appointment in a week. No one has enough spoons for that! I’m also trying to make some extra cash and save it where ever I can online. Couple this with doing the mother, wife, housewife things and having to help Meg more with her difficulties, I have completely forgotten about taking care of me. Until there was no more left to give and I crashed and burned big style.

I’ve done a lot of thinking the last few days. I have been forced to stop my online work for a while and my shop marketing has all but stopped for now. And so have the sales. But that’s not important in the grand scheme. I will get around to sorting out the shop on this site at some point though.

I have to find my happy place again and look after me. Especially if Meg needs me to guide her through the ups and downs of Fibro. I must put myself first so that I can give back to others again. So I want you to keep me accountable. Keep me from straying.

More meditation. More exercise (in the form of walking). More mindful awareness. More gratitude for the simple things. More crafts. More cwtching (hugs like only the Welsh can give!). More fresh food. More water.

I need to wake up and literally smell the roses, or the daffodils. It really doesn’t matter.

Today I am grateful for
  • Antibiotics
  • Birds singing
  • My favourite squirrel, Celia (who was Cecil until a few days ago when I realised that he/she has just had a litter. So she’s getting extra meal worms from me for now.) Here’s my girlie.
Celia my squirrel friend

Breakfast time for Celia

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