Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

Last week the Ty Siriol clan went on holiday to Saundersfoot in West Wales. We all very much needed a break but each of us for different reasons. This holiday couldn’t come soon enough.

It was touch and go if we were going to go on the Saturday as planned as I had such a severe flare and was barely able to walk. I decided though that if I was going to have a flare I might as well have one on the beach instead of at home with the same four walls.

Hubby bundled us all in the car, me in the back with my pillow to try and sleep off the flare if possible. At this point, I didn’t know what to expect when we got there. I hate fibro/CFS. They don’t even give you a break for a holiday (or your wedding day as I well know!).

I did manage to sleep for a while and we finally got to our flat. It was a beach front flat and had a lovely view from our bedroom over the beach. Even if I did have to spend some time in bed at least I had a good view!

Saundersfoot Bay from our room on the Strand

It even has a palm tree and I LOVE palm trees. 🙂

The weather was amazing all week and actually still is. (Touches head for wood!) We spent most days relaxing on the beach. For me the first two days were pretty much sat on the beach with my kindle books on extra large fonts so I can read with a fibro head.

You know what? I think the relaxation and sunshine were exactly what I needed. My head started to clear and I started to get better control of my muscles again. I still couldn’t walk far but far enough to take part.

Missy and hubs had loads of fun. They both adore the beach. Hubby took a canoe with him so they spent the best part of one afternoon messing about on the water in the canoe. Missy made a friend as well giving hubby a bit of time to relax with me. He really needed to relax as well.

Here’s the canoe. I couldn’t get a great pic as I wasn’t up to much walking when I took this one but you can see the Missy is in charge with those oars!


2016-06-02 14.47.04reducedShe really did have a great time and I loved watching her let go and being a child again. Thankfully she has a wetsuit as well as even though the sun was hot, the water certainly wasn’t!

She wasn’t the only one with a wetsuit either. Here’s hubby modelling his for me. He did say that it was much better with the wetsuit. It’s still early in the year so the sea hasn’t really warmed up yet. We did notice though that the sea felt warmer when the tide was coming in.

I was brave enough to go in the water up to my bum but that was enough. I don’t have a wetsuit!

I have to say that Saundersfoot is a stunning place and still holds the old world charm. I’ve been going since I was tiny and so has Missy. In fact, Missy is the 4th generation on my mother’s side to go there regularly. In all that time, not a lot has changed either.

There are some lovely shops along the strand, where we were staying. My favourite since I was a child is the traditional sweet shop. We only tend to see them in tourist places now but we had one opposite our house when I was small. I always thought that if I left my scientific career behind that I would want to run this sweet shop in Saundersfoot. Funnily enough, it’s up for sale! Oh if only fibro would get off my back! I wonder if hubby would be up for it? *Ponders*

Ok, back to reality. My dream sequence has faded.

We also visited the beautiful West Angle Bay. It’s a lovely bay perfect for romantic couples. We plan to go back there when we are sans kids. 😉 Shh, don’t tell Missy!

We went for a drink near West Angle and had the shock of the week! Hubby’s first boat, his first love as he says, first Mistress as I say, was moored up in the harbour there. It was definitely her as she has the same scars. Hubby went all soppy seeing her. I’m sure he’ll own another boat in the future when he has more time to sail her.

2016-06-02 14.47.33cropWe spent a day in Tenby and while hubby was shopping… yes, he was the one shopping, not me! While he was shopping Missy and I went to get tattooed. What fun! Don’t worry, it was henna. I don’t believe in giving a 9 year old a tattoo.

2016-06-02 18.51.49crop

Missy had a gecko running down her leg that she thinks is fantastic. She couldn’t wait to show her friends at school.

I told the artist to just go wild on my foot and this is what I got. I really like it.

I’ve been thinking of buying henna for a while. Hubby can use me as a canvas then. Oo-err… 😉

I think he bought a raincoat. How boring! 😀

I can’t believe how relaxed we all felt after a week in the sun on the sand. We explored old favourites again and we even found that the circus was in town.

Now I haven’t been to the circus since I was Missy’s age and I don’t think hubs has either. I can’t believe just how much fun we all had. I was belly laughing and ask anyone, I’m not really someone who belly laughs. Well, if laughter is the best medicine I should be cured.

2016-06-02 19.38.33crop

Photographs weren’t really allowed but I did get this fuzzy photo before they announced that. This lady was giving small children rides around the ring.

My favourite acts, if I had to choose, we the acrobats and Walton the modern day clown. He really had me laughing. Missy had her photo taken with him as well. 2016-06-02 20.44.18reduced

After the show we went back stage and saw the animals. I’m usually skeptical about animals in a circus but they were very well looked after and all looked really healthy and happy. The doves decided not to perform this night but that’s how it goes when you work with animals!

Check out this beautiful baby. 2016-06-02 21.47.02crop

This is a baby camel (who wasn’t in the show as he’s too young) having his bottle feed from the Ring Mistress. He was really fluffy at 10 months old. That’s right 10 months old! He wasn’t that much smaller than his mum.

I think that the circus was the main event for Missy as it’s her first one. She laughed so hard throughout. She’s been telling everyone about it and is putting a presentation together for show-and-tell in school. 🙂

At the end of the week, it was mine and hubby’s anniversary. I can’t think of a better way to spend it than splashing about on the beach and waking up to the sunrise over the sea, which we saw from our bedroom. He spoilt me rotten all week and brought me breakfast in bed so I could look out while eating. I’ve got a good ‘un. 🙂

Since we’ve got home we all seem to be refreshed and renewed. Missy is carefree and happy again. I hope no one spoils it for her. Hubby seems to be coping with work better and I’m pleased to say that my flare was gone after two days on the beach with my beloved kindle. I read two and a half books!

Before I go, here are a few obligatory selfies we took!!

Love and spoons, Cath xx


2016-06-02 14.48.51crop

2016-05-30 15.52.07crop

2016-06-01 18.54.59crop

I love this photo of me with my best girl. Love her to bits. xx

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